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MORE: Huawei P10 review Like its predecessor, the One Plus 5 is a spirited performer in terms of audio ability, if a little too energetic at times.

It’s decent enough, but whether we were streaming a Spotify playlist or playing our test tracks directly from the phone’s storage, it didn’t take long to discover a lack of fine detail.

Even the dual cameras on the back give it an unmistakably i Phone-esque vibe.

Trademark features like the Alert Slider switch for loud, silent and priority-only volume profiles return, as does the 3.5mm headphone port – you won’t find any dongles here.

Dialogue is clear, it can pipe out surprisingly loud audio, and doesn’t sound thin when you crank up the volume.

MORE: High-resolution audio - everything you need to know One Plus’s decision to pair up with imaging experts Dx O has really paid off: the One Plus 5 is a fantastic smartphone snapper.

And has it now become a flagship phone in its own right? It doesn’t cut as mean a profile as the bezel-busting Samsung Galaxy S8 or LG G6, but a series of style refinements helps the One Plus 5 keep pace with the rest of this year’s big hitters.

MORE: Samsung Galaxy S8 review Curvier corners, a more sculpted rear panel with stealthy antenna lines, and a matte finish on the all-aluminium chassis add a touch of class that was missing from last year’s One Plus 3T.

The 16MP primary sensor is paired with a secondary 20MP one, which combine together to give detail a boost.

One Plus has taken a giant leap into the unknown with its latest flagship-bothering smartphone.

Unlike previous efforts, where the aim was to find that perfect balance between a bargain price and flagship-grade performance, the One Plus 5 has its sights fixed firmly on the more expensive competition.

Outdoor photos have vibrant yet realistic colours, with the automatic HDR mode helping create accurate contrast.

It comes close to matching the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Google Pixel – an impressive achievement, given the much lower price.

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